Sunday, 30 December 2007

Guitar Lesson


Mark said...

When we were bumming in New York in the late 60's, we got into Warhol's Factory (his famous studio). We were hippies back then and thought we'd done everything, but this place made us blush! In the corner, a woman was crouched, looking like she'd dropped in from another planet. "Are these your drawings?" I said. She threw some at me. "My god," I said, "you're terrific!" She shouted: "Petty bourgeois! I'm giving them up to live in a commune!" And she stormed out. A Warholite tapped me on the shoulder and whispered: "Sir? We pretend: But she's the real thing. Cartoonists distill life the way wineries ferment grapes: It's pure nectar..." Well, as he might say: Your panels are life distilled into wine, with simple, delighted line, and very funny and very warm moments. All good things to you, artist! Happy new year! (Oh: And your guitarist has her thumb "behind" the finger-board: Only a classical guitarist would know that! "God is in the details"...)

Rosie said...

Thank you for such glowing words. Happy New Year to you too. I think I may have to put you in the strip.